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Instruments by Claire Curtis

Current project

This is a del Gesu model violin, which I started in response to the Ole Bull Challenge. I quickly found that I preferred other del Gesu violins to the Ole Bull. This one combines characteristics of several del Gesu violins.

A few pictures:

I am using Joe Robson's wonderful violin varnish on this instrument.
I will get more and better pictures up when I am done.


Instruments by Others:

Five-String fiddle by Alan Carruth

This was made by Alan Carruth, who has made a number of these 5-stringed fiddles. They have the range of both a violin and a viola; namely, C-G-D-A-E.

This particular instrument was one of the first Alan made (June 1987). It is owned by Fred Gosbee of the Maine folk group Castlebay, and is featured on a number of their albums.

Body length = 412mm - equivalent to a 16-1/4" viola

Vibrating string length = 370 mm







Quicktime movies

Tunes played by Ishmael the Fiddler at Neffa 2009, on his 5-string (also made by Alan Carruth).
In the second film clip, you can see Fred's 5-string lying on the table.
Note: these videos were shot on the spur of the moment with a small point-and-shoot camera. There is a lot of ambiant noise; do not use this to judge sound quality.
Tune 1
The Ash Grove


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