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Articles by Claire Curtis

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Interesting Developments (External links)

How to CAT-scan (and Hot-Rod) a Stradivarius
NPR, November 9, 2008
Sam Zygmuntowicz, one of the better-known figures in the violin world, and a fellow Oberlin workshop attendee, talks about some of the modern acoustic tools he uses to analyze violin sound. Good audio and video clips.

Ultralight Instruments meet Heavy Innovation
NPR, November 9, 2008
A report from the Innovation Exposition at the violin Society of America convention. Although his work is not mentioned in the article, the balsa wood experimentation was pioneered by Doug Martin, a designer and acoustics researcher from Eliot, Maine.


The Guide to Choosing Violin Strings
Good basic information and short reviews of most brands.
All About Violin Strings
A delightful but somewhat dated assessment of brand name strings from the British CD String School.
Making Gut Strings
by Daniel Larson
Although synthetic core strings are more common these days, gut strings are still the standard to which all other strings are compared. This may be more than you wanted to know about how gut strings are made.

Online Books:

Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work (1644-1737)
by Henry, Arthur, and Alfred Hill
Online edition of this classic, originally published in 1902.
The String Pedagogy Notebook: A Resource for Teachers and Performers
compiled by Michael Hopkins, University of Vermont.
This online book contains some wonderful information for teachers and students. Nice pictures illustrating the selection of a properly-sized instrument for a child can be found in the section on Selection, Care, and Maintenance.


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